Kiril Dobrev: People from Ninova’s entourage earn millions from public procurement


A person close to the resigned leader of the BSP, Cornelia Ninova, has won BGN 150 million from public procurement, and two people close to her have more photos with Boyko Borissov than with her. This was stated by the member of the leadership of the left Kiril Dobrev in the program “Speak now” on BNT.

He declined to name names, saying it would soon be clear who he meant.

The participation of people from the BSP in the forthcoming coalition government will be disastrous for the party, because I cannot imagine what this policy will be, which with right-wing measures will achieve left-wing results. I see two people from Jean Videnov’s government participating in the negotiations, they have been nominated personally by Cornelia Ninova. If these people participate in the negotiations and if the BSP continues in this spirit for another four years, the BSP will be happy if the 4% barrier is crossed at all, Dobrev said.

“Each party, coming to power, lowers its rating. I do not want to imagine what will happen to the BSP at its current low rating. It will fall into a vise between the right and a populist party, “said Kiril Dobrev.

Although Kiril Dobrev was not named, in the morning Cornelia Ninova said in an interview with BNT that there were people from the BSP leadership who worked openly for “We continue the change” and publicly enjoyed winning the election by President Rumen Radev, which she explained. as a betrayal. Dobrev admitted tonight that back in October he had taken up organizational support for Rumen Radev’s campaign and it was natural for him to go and congratulate him on the evening of the runoff.

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He, for his part, pointed out that the current resigned leader has no right to set red lines in the negotiations for a coalition agreement. “Do you see what she thinks is a red line – the Istanbul Convention. What if tomorrow the new leader says that the red dividing line is, for example, poverty? ”Dobrev said.



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