Kim Seong-tae “Na Kyung-won, I’m not a person to end politics… Even if I can’t get nominated, it’s about a month’s worth of badges”

Kim Seong-tae “Na Kyung-won, I’m not a person to end politics… Even if I can’t get nominated, it’s about a month’s worth of badges”
Former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who struggled with running for the People’s Power 3/8 National Convention, held a press conference at the Central Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the 25th and announced his position not to run for the National Convention, and then left the conference hall. © News1 Reporter Heo Kyung

Kim Seong-tae, chairman of the People’s Power Central Committee, judged that former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won was fatally injured while going back and forth over the party convention and eventually declared not to run, but he did not give up on the general election.

On the night of the 27th, on KBS Radio’s ‘Joo Jin-Woo Live’, Chairman Kim pointed out that the reason why former Congressman Na declared not to run was not because of outside pressure, but because of the lack of approval ratings.

Chairman Kim said, “I will honestly talk about it as it is.” ” said

Therefore, he asserted that “not running is 100%, because the approval rating of our party members is falling (a decision made).”

Next, Chairman Kim said that the process by which former lawmakers and former lawmakers decided not to run was very wrong, saying, “When a politician gets caught in a single shot, he suffers a considerable fatal injury. That’s how big the wounds are, and there will be quite a lot of heartache in the future.”

In addition, he criticized that the work was not smooth until the end, saying, “If you have made a difficult decision, you can concisely organize your position not to run through social media.

Regarding the part where I, a former member of Congress, said, ‘Real mother’s feelings’ and ‘Even if I die, it is not Ban-Yoon’, he said, “There is only one person who can judge Chin-Yun or Ban-Yun. It is the President himself.” The president gave special thought to the vice chairman of the Committee for Low Fertility and Aging Society and the ambassador for climate and environment, but it was a mistake to judge it as a political position in two months,” he said.

When the presenter said, “There is a saying that your political life is actually over,” Chairman Kim said, “It was a very wrong judgment.”

When the host asked, “Then, can former Congressman Na Gyeong-won be nominated for the general election next year?” Isn’t it?” He predicted that former lawmaker Na would jump into the general election regardless of nomination.

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