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Kim Kardashian’s 5 best family taunts on ‘Saturday Night Live’

by drbyos

The live sketch program ‘Saturday Night Live’ it is not going through its best moment at the audience level. In fact, today it registers the lowest data in its history. That is why the NBC chain decided to take out the heavy artillery and invite Kim Kardashian (40) to be the ‘host’ of the night and thus try to attract viewers. Although the audience data is not yet known, what we do know is each and every one of the jokes he made and the truth is that they were all wonderful.

1. Your mother’s boyfriend is a gold digger

Yes, he did. Without mincing words. During her monologue, Kim assured that she had never been called a gold digger, but that to find out what that was, she would ask Corey, her mother’s boyfriend. BOOM!

2. She divorced Kanye West because of his personality

Kim assured that marrying the most successful rapper on the planet was wonderful, that he is the richest black man in the United States and that he gave him four wonderful children. “Then you wonder why I married him. Obviously, because of his personality.” BOOM!


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