Kiko Matamoros assures that Pantoja has kicked his brother out of the house

Isabel would be angry about a series of steps that Agustín would have carried out when the singer was in jail and that could bring her a new problem with Justice

New mess in Cantora, the house of the Pantoja. At least, that is what Kiko Matamoros assures, who maintains that Isabel has kicked her brother Agustín out of the chalet, with whom he has always had a very fluid relationship. “He has put him on the fucking street,” Matamoros said during the broadcast of the program ‘Sálvame Naranja’ on Tele5.

The collaborator explained that the reason for the anger is related to a supposed new trial to which the tonadillera will be subjected. A pending account with the Justice for a possible crime of fraud. Matamoros said that he is facing a request for three years in prison and that Isabel has become angry because the origin of this new setback with Justice would have to do with a series of steps that Agustín would have carried out while the singer was in prison.

At least, this is the Matamoros version. Isabel’s daughter, Isa P., later contradicted this information. «It has been said many times and I am not aware that this has happened. And I doubt it a lot, honestly, “he assured on the program ‘It’s already eight o’clock’.


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