Khanom Jeen is super touching. Lisa Blackpink is the pride of Thai people.

Khanom Jeen, the most overwhelmed after watching the MV solo, Lisa Black Pink, is the pride of Thai people. Bless you to break through all limits. before setting up the spinning page

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It’s called making all Thai and foreign fans scream. After 11 o’clock today (10 Sept. 64) Lisa Blackpink released a solo LALISA Shining on the golden throne that comes with the most banging Jada The waiting equation is the ultimate Because so far, 8 hours have passed, it appears that it has been viewed more than 38 million views.

One of them is a big fan like a beautiful mother of one child. Kanom Jeen Kulmat Sarasas That you don’t miss, press like, press share and post a solo music video of girl lisa post personal IG Before writing a message from the heart “Still unsettled. Been watching for hours. I’m really the pride of all of us Thai people. I will never forget and be proud of what I have always been.”

“My dedication and confidence has been met. not only we see But it’s the whole world that has seen my artist potential. I wish you success beyond all limits. LALISA from THAILAND say Lalisa love me, Lalisa love meeeee !!!!! It’s reverberating all over the world. I like every part, every look, especially these 2 clips. It’s the best. Plus there are more poledance shots.

in addition Chinese dessert They also posted pictures of them lulling their children to sleep and watching music videos. Specify the caption that “Mami, keep playing, baby is asleep, we mute the sound. continually spinning He said that the first day’s views are very effective. Come on. Let’s continue. Say Lalisa love me, Lalisa love me. #lalisa lifestyle change, we have to adjust. Put on your headphones keke.”

Thank you IG picture : knomjeankulamas

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