Key in front door attracts thieves / backpack stolen from house / witnesses wanted

Darmstadt (ots) –

A still unknown thief apparently used a stuck front door key between Thursday (September 8th) and Friday (September 10th) to gain unnoticed access to the rooms of a single-family house in Dornheimer Weg and to take a rucksack with them of the house were in the back garden at the time of the crime. The police in Darmstadt (K43) have taken over the theft and are looking for witnesses who have noticed suspicious persons in this context (phone number 06151 / 969-0).

In addition, the investigators would like to take the current crime as an opportunity and warn: Never leave your house or apartment door open or lock the key! And that regardless of the length of your absence! Because no matter how long or how short they leave the house, such opportunities attract thieves.

Original content by: Police Headquarters South Hesse, transmitted by news aktuell


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