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Kendall Jenner has dinner with Canelo Lvarez and why is revealed | .

The subject continues to be mentioned on social networks after sharing a video and makes a trend in which we could see “El Canelo” coming out of a Having dinner next to the famous model and businesswoman Kendall Jenner.

This is the famous Mexican boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ lvarez has become a trend on social networks after sharing a video in which one can enjoy Kendall Jenner come to dinner with him, she being part of one of the most famous media families, the Kardashians Jenner.

The truth is that the boxer is in his best time is one of the athletes plus popular in the world thanks to his victories and world championships which he won in different weights.

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It is important to mention that “el Canelo” also entered the world of show and entertainment by marrying Fernanda gomez and it is there that he invited great personalities of this world.

For this reason, it is almost certain that the dinner they had was for professional reasons, perhaps looking for a deal regarding their brand of drink, the famous T3quila 818.

The paparazzi kept taking pictures of him when he arrived at the restaurant holding a bottle of his drink, the same one he was not wearing when he left. It’s quite possible that he gave her the canelo or that they had it together at this stylish restaurant where Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s sister-in-law was captured.

Canelo confirms that dinner can work around the aforementioned drink and it was Kendall who sought him out for possible pairing and advice as he is more than imbued with the subject.

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“Yes, they’re with the tequila project and we’ll see what we do,” the Mexican athlete said when approached by the media when leaving the restaurant, but so far he hasn’t been. confirmed or denied that he would accept.

Speaking of the Kendall Jenner brand, it was launched a short time ago and it is a handcrafted product in Jalisco, made from blue agave and with three presentations: aged, reposado and white.

You can buy this drink in the United States and the prices of the bottle depend on the presentation you want, there is from 45 dollars the cheapest is white t3quila.


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