Kelly Family is back: New documentaries and music are coming

The Kelly Family is back after a forced break due to Corona, Angelo Kelly’s departure from the band and family tragedies. She’s working on new music and a four-part documentary.

“Our wait for you will soon come to an end,” announced the band family, who celebrated their greatest successes in the 1990s with the song “An Angel”, on Wednesday on Instagram.

The family played the last concert for the time being in Munich in February 2020, after which it was quiet. Angelo Kelly left the band in May of that year, and sister Barby died in April 2021.

“But now, after this phase and the hope that things will gradually settle around the pandemic, we have drawn strength and the hope and longing to experience things with you again,” the announcement said.

The band is working on a 4-part documentary. You can also see the old double-decker bus and the family’s houseboat, with which they went on tour over the past millennium. New music was also promised.

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