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93 farms deliver around 27,000 tons of the best potatoes every year. The salt also comes from local salt pans.

It’s potato harvest time: Kelly is the only branded crisps manufacturer who exclusively sources Austrian potatoes and processes them into crisps. 93 farms annually deliver around 27,000 tons of the best potatoes from the Absdorf, Hollabrunn, Tullnerfeld, Korneuburg, Mistelbach, Marchfeld and Seewinkel regions to the plant in the 22nd district of Vienna. Kelly is therefore also the second largest industrial potato buyer in Austria.

“Hermes” and “Lady Claire”

The fact that some potato fields are only about 6 kilometers away from the Kelly plant underlines the crackling regionality and also guarantees the lowest possible CO2 consumption. “Hermes” or “Lady Claire” are the sounding names of the preferred varieties. The typically high starch content ensures that the chips absorb less fat and are crispy in the bite.

Kelly supports his contract farmers from the organization of the seeds and the assessment of the outgrowth to harvest planning and the transport of the potatoes from the farm to the warehouse or factory in Vienna.

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In addition to Austrian potatoes, Kelly also only uses salt from the local Alps for his snacks. Around 1,100 tons of the white gold are used each year.

Made in Austria 100 percent

“In addition to the many Austrian raw materials, the production in Vienna-Stadlau with around 250 employees guarantees that Kelly’s label ‘Made in Austria’ is not just lip service, but actually applies 100 percent to a pack of Kelly’s Chips”, says Markus Marek, Kelly’s Managing Director, and Petra Trimmel, Kelly’s Marketing Director, add: “We are very proud of the fact that Kelly’s is one of the best-known and most likeable brands in Austria. The potato harvest is something new for us and our farmers every year something special and an annual highlight. Because only the best potatoes from the region go into the Kelly’s-Chips-Sackerl. ” (jw)



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