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Kazakh leader orders fire on protesters without warning

Date 08 Jan 2022 time 10:14

Kazakhstan president gives green light to soldiers to shoot at protesters without warning

Bloomberg news agency reported that President Jazem-Jomaart Togayev ofKazakhstanIt issued a statement on television, ordering the army to shoot and kill the protesters without warning. and threatened that those who would not surrender would be crushed.

“Terrorists continue to destroy property… and use weapons against people. I have authorized law enforcement to shoot and kill without warning,” Tokayev said.

The Kazakhstan leader has also refused to negotiate with the protesters. They called these protesters criminals, murderers and thieves.

Togayev also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for sending troops to help fight the unrest.

The protests in Kazakhstan began with furor over rising oil prices before escalating into anti-government protests amid frustration at the deteriorating quality of life and corruption.

Thousands of people gathered in the streets and raided and set fire to the Government House. Kazakhstan’s interior ministry data on Friday (Jan 7) showed at least 26 protesters were killed during the operation by the authorities.

However, that number may increase further. Video clips appearing on social media showed the army firing automatic weapons in the country’s largest city, Almaty.

Photo by Alexander PLATONOV / AFPTV / AFP



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