Kate Winslet Is a Na’vi in ​​New ‘Avatar 2’ Photos

The return to Pandora, the world of the movie ‘Avatar’ (James Cameron) is one of the most anticipated for this 2022, as the successful fantasy and science fiction film will be back on the big screen with a sequel called ‘Avatar: The Way of Water‘ where the renowned actress Kate Winslet becomes one of the protagonists.

In the past, Kate Winslet and James Cameron They already worked together, in the unforgettable ‘Titanic’, so this 2022 the whole world will once again be able to see the duo of actress and director, who once again face the sea, since the story of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is set in the sea world.

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Of course the sequel to ‘Avatar’ could not be further from the plot of Titanic, and in this new film, Kate Winslet leaves behind her tender role as Rose, to become a Na’vi warrior who you can already see in the images advanced by the magazine Empirewhere the actress has described her role a bit.

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She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader,” Winslet says of her character in “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

She is strong. A warrior. Even in the face of grave danger, and with an unborn baby on board, she still sticks with her people and fights for what she loves most. Her family and home”, says the new protagonist, who shares the screen with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña who continue their love story, now with a family whom they must protect at all costs.

On the other hand, the famous actress spoke about her experience working with the acclaimed director again: “Jim and I are totally different people now than we were 26 years ago.“, she says. “He is calmer and I am definitely more hyperactive now!”, confesses Kate Winslet, remembering her great experience in the recordings of this sequel.

Kate Winslet held her breath for more than 7 minutes in ‘Avatar 2’

During the recording of this new science fiction movie, the news about a moment in the tape where the famous actress managed to hold her breath for more than 7 minutes to finish the scene became a trend: “Seven minutes and 14 seconds, baby!” he says, and adds that “the most amazing thing for me as a middle-aged woman was learning something not only new, but superhuman“.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ has its premiere scheduled for next December 16, and it is one of the most anticipated films of the entire year, so there is no doubt that it will be a great success on the big screen and could break the box office record again as did the first of these installments, directed by James Cameron.

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