Kate Beckinsale in hospital for back injury?

At around 10:30 a.m. (local time) on September 10, Beckinsale was taken by an ambulance to a clinic near the MGM Grand Hotel. Apparently, the actress is still in the emergency room. It is currently unclear how the 48-year-old is doing.

Maybe injured while filming?

Neither Beckinsale nor a spokesman for the actress have yet commented on the alleged injury. It is also not known whether she might have injured herself while filming a new film.

Beckinsale is believed to be in Las Vegas filming “Prisoner’s Daughter”. It is the latest film from director Catherine Hardwicke (65). According to an article in the industry portal “Deadline” from the end of August, Tyson Ritter (37) and Brian Cox (75) will be seen alongside the British woman in the family drama. Cox is supposed to play a former inmate who fights for the love of his daughter (Beckinsale) and his grandson.

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