Karine Lalieux defends her pension reform: “We are fixing social injustices”

Reactions, from opposition parties but also within the government, were quick to follow his reform proposal.

COn Friday, the Minister of Pensions Karine Lalieux (PS) presented her reform proposal. It is notably a question of a minimum pension of 1,500 euros, part-time or one-fifth pension, early pension and bonuses for those who work longer … Reactions, from opposition parties but also within the government, n did not delay… The texts, to be negotiated within the coalition, will be tabled on Monday.

This Sunday, the Minister was present on the set of “It’s not every day Sunday” on RTL-TVI. The minister talks about one of the most important reform proposals. “”, She explains. “When you have small pensions and you work three more years, that’s a significant amount.” At the same time, the worker will have the possibility of choosing and adjusting his end of career with a part-time or 1 / 5th-time pension. “We are repairing social injustices at the same time and at the same time positive incentives”, she emphasizes.

It also specifies that the retirement proposal at 1,500 euros will be granted to all workers. Employees, employees and self-employed. “All the measures I put on the table are for all workers, including the self-employed. Workers, whatever their status, must be able to live in dignity. But it will be necessary to increase the rate of employment and productivity to achieve this ”.

Questions around heavy trades are also on the table. “Taking an early pension after 42 years of career is already a first response, but it is not enough. With the social partners, we will work on hardship. We want to see what the impact of certain professions is, in particular on occupational diseases. On this basis, we will no doubt have to make end-of-career adjustments. We have to differentiate between our professions, Mr. Deborsu and those who work in the assembly line, … ”.

She concludes by recalling that this reform proposal will be negotiated and underlines that the reform she is proposing is financially neutral “since we have injected 1.2 billion in the budget”.



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