Karen Abudinen: President Duque calls for the resignation of ICT Minister Karen Abudinen | Click | Technology at Caracol Radio

This Thursday the president Ivan Duque He decided ask him to resign to Karen Abudinen who served in the government as ICT minister.

Despite the fact that Abudinen had been said to remain in office, the president made the decision this Wednesday after the motion of censure that was ahead in the Congress of the republic for the controversial contract of population centers.

Abudinen’s resignation is confirmed days after Adriana Meza and Sandra Orjuela, Confident officials of the minister resigned their positions, as confirmed by the Ministry.

It should be remembered that President Iván Duque had defended the ICT minister, assuring that “the advance money was protected“and that he hoped that the courts would determine the respective sanctions against the Temporal Union, which has already received an advance of 70 billion pesos.

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The ICT Ministry In recent weeks it has been in the focus of Colombians as a result of the scandal related to connectivity contracts in rural areas of the country. As it was known, 70,000 million would have been paid without having guarantees of services.

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