Karate Combat 40: Samuel Ericsson loses welterweight debut!

Karate Combat 40: Samuel Ericsson loses welterweight debut!

It didn’t go all the way for the Swedish martial arts influencer Samuel Ericsson when he competed at Karate Combat 40 in Miami, USA.

Ericsson made his welterweight debut and faced tough opposition when he took on the Frenchman Alexandre Bouderbane.

The match started slowly with Ericsson slightly more active than Bouderbane who appeared to have difficulty getting going. Ericsson had success with, among other things, his leg kicks, but the first round was characterized mainly by inactivity from both fighters. However, Ericsson landed a solid right in the closing seconds of the round, something that most likely secured him the first round.

The second round also lacked action, but Ericsson still looked to be a step ahead as “The Flash” Bouderbane did not attack very often. It was only in the third and final round that the match really got going as Bouderbane seemed to find momentum and Ericsson slowed down.

The commentators, including former UFC champions Bass Rutten and Luke Rockhold, commented that Ericsson needed to step on the gas pedal. They speculated if Ericsson thought he had won two rounds and was just trying to get to the end. With half a minute left in the third round, however, the Frenchman exploded with a combination that landed and shook Ericsson badly.

“The Flash” Bouderbane followed up with more right hooks as Ericsson fell to the Karate Combat pit. Bouderbane continued to attack the Swede with both punches and kicks. Ericsson looked shaken but managed to survive until the end of the round. The judges finally had to decide the match and they named Bouderbane the winner via unanimous decision.

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Watch the full match between Samuel Ericsson and Alexandre Bouderbane and the rest of Karate Combat 40 below:

It was Ericsson’s first loss in three matches in Karate Combat. He had previously won a somewhat controversial debut and then followed up with an impressive TKO win in December.



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