Kanye West separated from Kim Kardashian: this French reality TV star he follows on Instagram

Kanye West would he see a famous candidate for French reality TV? That’s what you can think of when you take a look at her Instagram account.

It is no longer to understand anything. Yes, the love story between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is well and truly over. Moreover, the famous mother with generous forms, would now live a beautiful romance with Ariana Grande’s ex, comedian Pete Davidson.

While initially they were just friends, their relationship quickly evolved and they were even seen hand in hand in the streets of Palm Springs on October 29th.

But Kanye West wouldn’t hear it that way.

Kanye West will do anything to win back Kim Kardashian’s heart

It was during a speech delivered on Wednesday November 24 during a charity event that Kanye West made an incredible revelation.

he said, referring to the tabloids as well as his ex-wife’s reality show.

He later made it clear that he wished he could be forgiven and win back his ex’s heart.

This French reality TV candidate he noticed

Yet Kanye West all the same seems to keep its options open. Indeed, as spotted by Zohra Pookie, it follows Lean Zaoui on Instagram!

Kanye West suits Léana sur Instagram @Instagram

Reality TV star Léana Zaoui has a physique very similar to that of Kim Kardashian who seems to please the rapper so much.

To be continued …


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