It’s officially falling … Joe Rogan hosts Kanye West on her ultra-popular podcast – and it looks like you’ve been given permission to get creative with the look.

Kanye tweeted the news on Saturday – wishing his public request last week. He writes: “Joe Rogan said it was cool for me to design the set for our podcast this Friday ⛷. ” KW also attached some screenshots of a FaceTime conversation they were having.

The personalities summit, if you will, comes just days after Kanye expressed interest in sitting down and chatting on “JRE” – which has millions of followers… and now lives exclusively on Spotify after years on YouTube. Talk about a big payoff for them, eh?

Now Joe has yet to confirm the chat himself, but something tells us it’s happening. Although JR didn’t respond directly to Kanye’s call last week… we know he wanted to reserve Ye for a while to choose his brain. He’s praised Kanye as some kind of genius in the past… comparing him to someone who operates on a different plane with higher tension.

Of course, that also gets Joe into the presidential race … sort of. Remember that he recently pioneered the idea of ​​moderating a multi-hour podcast-style debate between Asset and Biden – something that Trump was actually… the implication being, we think, that JB wouldn’t be able to hang on for that long. Joe’s podcasts are often longer than three to four hours.

It’s not exactly that… but it’s a foot in the door, we guess. Kanye is a presidential candidate, after all – and while we’re sure they’ll be talking politics … our gut says this face-to-face will bring up A LOT of other topics along the way. Buckle up, people … worlds collide !!!

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