Kanye West and a controversial confession to Kim Kardashian

After going through a long divorce process, which is not over yet, the secrets come to light and sharing with everyone how their lives are not the fairy tale that everyone thinks.

Although much of Kim Kardashian We know thanks to his reality show, Kanye West, her ex-husband, confessed that he was not loyal throughout the time that their marriage lasted, due to his health problems.

As a good musician, many of his lyrics were written with lived experiences and that is something that the press did not miss, since he talks about how his process to recover was.

It was not easy for the businesswoman to deal with Kanye, who underwent a treatment to stop drinking and it was precisely when it occurred to him to deceive Kim Kardashian.

Both are parents of 4 children and are recently separated, after not overcoming the crises, in which Kanye insulted and blamed his mother-in-law Kris Jenner for his fights with his wife.

In spite of everything, during the last show the singer had a special visit, Kim She appeared dressed in an elegant wedding dress, but far from meaning anything, it was only part of the show.

New life

Although their marriage did not have a happy ending, Kanye West He has already started a new romance with the model Irina Shayk, with whom he no longer hides from the cameras and they enjoy their love.

For its part, Kim Kardashian She is single and once again doing a social life, she is only dedicating herself to raising her children and in her many businesses as a businesswoman.



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