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It has been decided that “Kaminari’s All Night Nippon PODCAST”, in which the comedy combination Kaminari serves as a personality, will be distributed four times from June 4th (every Saturday at 6:00).



“Kaminari’s All Night Nippon PODCAST” distribution decision (C) Nippon Broadcasting System

[Comparison photo]I was surprised at the difference in appearance of Kaminari 10 years ago.

In Nippon Broadcasting System, in addition to being in charge of the one-off special program “Kaminari’s All Night Nippon R” in 2017, when he made a guest appearance at “Knights The Radio Show” in February of this year, he declared that he would join the Mansai Association and actually Mansai this month. He made his debut as an association and became a hot topic.

This time, it will be delivered 4 times in total, and free talks and some corners are planned. Two people commented on the delivery decision.

■ Kaminari

[Manabu]All Night Nippon for the first time in 5 years! Last time, the live broadcast ended at 5 am, and I took a nap with Takumi and Shimbashi’s private room video and went to Ibaraki for business. I charged the private room video fee to Grapecompany. It was the first time I got a receipt in a private room video! Please look forward to Kaminari’s All Night Nippon!

[Takumi]I was allowed to do “All Night Nippon R” on May 6, 2017, so it’s the first All Night Nippon in 5 years !!

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