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Kamala Harris asks Latin America to fight corruption

by drbyos

During the annual Washington Conference on the Americas, which took place this Tuesday; the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris called on Latin American countries to intensify the fight against corruption.

During the meeting she had with leaders of the Western Hemisphere, the official highlighted the support of the US government in support the region during the pandemic, as well as on immigration issues; however, he stressed that in order to have better results, corruption must be fought.

No matter how much effort we make, we will not make significant progress if corruption persists. If it persists, it will be one step forward and three back.

“Corruption makes institutions collapse from within. It prevents children from being educated, business from advancing, from fair trials ”.

On the other hand, the vice president Kamala Harris He explained that it seeks to improve living conditions in Latin America so that people are not forced to leave their countries and emigrate to the United States; if not that they can prosper in their nations.

The United States released some vaccines for Mexico. (Photo: AP)

We want them to find hope in their home, to address the root factors and disasters that cause migration

At this conference, the countries of the hemisphere can listen to the position of the government of Joe Biden towards politics towards that area of ​​the planet, which seeks to strengthen the United States’ associations with different nations.

America’s strength depends on the strength of the entire Western Hemisphere. Our destinies are intertwined. That is especially true for Latin America, one of our main trading partners. Our relationship is complex and has been complicated at times. Latin Americans are writing their own history. It will depend on them. Our role is to read those words, take them and help however we can as they write their own next chapter. “

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