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On August 8, 2022, KAKA Li Yike will release a new personal single “be with you”, which will be released online. KAKA Li Yike is a benchmark in the Chinese electronic music industry. Not only has she led the music world to break through all kinds of shackles again and again, she is the only Chinese woman on the global DJMAG Top 100 DJ list in 2022. The new single “be with you” uses different and trendy elements to express a unique unrestrained attitude in the framework of house. The fresh and brainwashed vocals are paired with dynamic and multi-layered drops, allowing listeners to enjoy a higher-level music wave in a magical cycle.

In 2021, KAKA has released three singles “Needs”, “Someday” and “Actin Out” on many international first-tier labels, representing China’s female DJ going to the world. Each single is amazing. Music production It can also easily capture the hearts of the listeners, so that the listeners can get a shocking and infinitely addictive rhythm experience.

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Nothing is more convincing than the results. The “first time” that KAKA Li Yike has harvested is not just landing in the world’s top 100 DJs. On September 17, 2021, KAKA Li Yike released the single ‘NEEDS’ on the international first-tier electronic music label Mixmash. The creative style of this single is the newly created music style ‘Future Rave’ in the past two years. The founder is David Guetta, the number one in the world’s top 100. The single KAKA released this time is also the first female DJ in China to release a single on the Mixmash label. The song has been released and has won unanimous praise in the industry, and the electronic music industry has been shocked by its strong talent and music performance ability.

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Subsequently, KAKA teamed up with Polish producer Patrick Moreno to release a brand new single “Someday” on Generation Smash, the label of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the world’s top 100 electronic duo. After that, KAKA released the song on Revealed label. ActinOut. As a female DJ who represents China to the world, every single is amazing, and her music production is full of positive energy, so that the listener can get a wonderful and infinite energy rhythm experience.

This summer, KAKA Li Yike also made full efforts to shine on two super popular variety shows. In “The Peak of Rap in China”, the collaboration with PSY.P Yang Junyi, Uncle, MCHotDog Hot Dog and many other popular rappers brought a super-explosive stage, detonated the passion of summer, and once dominated the hot search topic.

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In the professional field of electronic music program “Super Sense Star Electronic Music”, he also did his part to shine. Yigong stage brought a new version of his personal single “Exclusive Game”, which directly made the audience explode. But the result was not selected and was tragically lost, which also caused great confusion and heated discussions in the electronic voice circle.

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In the fifth episode of the latest broadcast, KAKA Li Yike’s power is fully turned on, and he brings a newly adapted version of the single “UGLY”, which was co-operated with popular idol Hu Yetao last year. Out of the siege. In the brutal competition system of 24 into 4, he successfully advanced. KAKA Li Yi can prove her own music and attitude with her strength. As she said before, the attitude of “integration does not cater to” really shows the possibility of electronic music she thinks.

KAKA Li Yike's

I look forward to more surprises and possibilities from KAKA Li Yike in the following programs. It is understood that KAKA Li Yike will bring you more surprise performances at the Wuhan vac Music Carnival on August 20, so stay tuned.


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