Kaczyński’s meetings with voters harm PiS

The president of Law and Justice continues his tour around the country. Events with the participation of Jarosław Kaczyński are organized as part of a tour around the country entitled “Good Government for Difficult Times”. The action is to last until the end of this year and is not only an opportunity to meet voters, but also for the PiS authorities to get acquainted with the situation of the party’s local structures.

During speeches in subsequent cities, Kaczyński utters strong words. In Sieradz, the PiS president said that if the opposition decides that the current ruling team can win the upcoming elections, then “riots will begin”. On the other hand in Radom, the former prime minister saidthat in the European Union “everyone knew that Donald Tusk was not suitable for the head of the European Commission”.

Meetings with Kaczyński do not help?

In connection with the numerous controversies caused by President Kaczyński’s statements during meetings, an employee of SW Research checked how, according to the respondents, the activity of the PiS leader affects support for the ruling party.

The respondents were asked the question: “How do you think Jarosław Kaczyński’s meetings with voters influence support for PiS?”.

According to as many as 44.8 percent. of respondents “they reduce support for PiS”, and only 15.5 percent are of the opposite opinion. surveyed.

In the opinion of 17.7 percent surveyed, the tour led by the former prime minister “has no impact on support for PiS”.

As much as 22 percent respondents chose the answer “I have no opinion”.

PiS president on LGBT communities

Particular emotions are aroused by the statements of the PiS president on the matter ideological conflict taking place in Poland and LGBT ideology. This topic was raised by Kaczyński, among others. in Jedlicze and Radom.

– The point is that it should be common sense, so that boys are not told to dress up as girls in kindergartens and vice versa – said Jarosław Kaczyński. “We don’t want things like 12-year-olds declaring themselves lesbians. Like statements so that each of you can declare that you are of a different gender than you are – said Kaczyński in Jedlicze.

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