Juve, financial statements approved with the observations of Consob and Deloitte: “But we don’t agree”

Like every day since the resignation of the Board of Directors Juventus, news and interceptions continue to arrive regarding the Juventus club. The novelty of the day that has just ended, however, is related to an official communication from the Juventus club itself, in which the club acknowledged, while not sharing the criteriathat it has modified its financial statements on the basis of the indications of the Deloitte. Among the observations made, the main ones concern accounting for pay cuts and the relationships with Atalanta.

Romero affair and more. Just some of the operations between Juventus and the Deahowever, end up at the center of the main interceptions that emerged today, in a story thatit could soon also involve other prosecutors. Below are the most relevant: by clicking on the link it will be possible to access the related news.

Juve, Cherubini to Percassi in the interceptions: “You know that Demiral is not on a onerous loan” – Read the news: CLICK HERE!

Juve, Cherubini intercepted: “Romero on two-year loan to Atalanta with non-federal obligation” – Read the news: CLICK HERE!

Juve, intercepted Manna: “Forced to buy Compagnon from Udinese for 4.5 million euros” – Read the news: CLICK HERE!

Background Locatelli. Cherubini: “Why do Sassuolo give us the same conditions as Arsenal?” – Read the news: CLICK HERE!


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