Justice for #MatiasCasas Trigger Easy in #Neuquen

http://www.principioesperanza.com.ar/ On July 22, it was one year since the murder of Matías Casas by a police officer from the provincial forces. One more case of an easy trigger that is still unpunished in our region. That is why in this Cartago broadcast we invite his parents, Cesar Casas and Liliana Silva, to tell us about the fight they have given so that this case goes to trial and the author is sentenced. And we also invite members of CeProDH Mariano Pedrero and Ivana Dal Bianco who are the plaintiff lawyers in the case who tell us the details of the repressive schemes and the attempts to guarantee impunity by the judiciary and the repressive forces. Mariano Pedrero CeProDH lawyer “The media always try to blame those who are actually the victims. They always seek to stigmatize the poorest sectors or sectors in struggle” “In the case of Neuquén, the poorest neighborhoods are separated from the richest” “According to Correpi, in the last 30 years of democracy there were 3,800 murders by easy trigger. And in the Human Rights governments there were 2,000 cases in the periods of Néstor and Cristina” “The murderer of Carlos Fuentealba, the murderer of Braiam Hernandez and That of Matías Casas is together in the same place detained, this is a way of protecting them and giving them peace of mind inside the jail” “That the police do the expert investigation of the crime, it is the fox analyzing the chicken coop. They are expert opinions that lack impartiality and the judiciary supports them” “According to the report from the firemen, who are also part of the police, there are 80,000 people who live in a precarious home that can be pulverized in seconds. That in a p The province where Vaca Muerta is, and a lot of wealth and these thousands of families do not have access to gas” “The easy trigger is the last link in a chain of social control of poverty, which tries to keep the population in fear” “The police he seeks to dispute the little public space that the boys have in the neighborhoods, that’s why they run them out of the squares” Liliana Silva Mother of Matías Casas “For society, the boys from the West are non-working delinquents, as they are, Matías worked in the hardware store with the father” “The judge treated my son like a thing, that was very humiliating” “The policeman killed my son for no reason” “The police always follow us, with white polo shirts or patrol cars” “We don’t have them fear, because they want us to shut up, but we are not going to shut up” Category


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