Jupiter Protects Earth from Destruction? Listen Here!

Jupiter protects Earth from destruction. Because Jupiter protects, Earth is a habitable planet. The planet Jupiter has succeeded in reducing the risk of a hit to the planet.

In this solar system, Jupiter is the most massive planet. Its size is far above the Earth and is outside the line of its orbit.

Apparently, indeed all the planets in the Solar System are interconnected. In fact the existence of Jupiter is also beneficial for Earth because it blocks the risk of collisions with meteors and asteroids.

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It turns out that the planet Jupiter protects the Earth?

There are so many objects in outer space. An asteroid is an object smaller than a planet, rocky or metallic that also orbits the Sun.

Although smaller than a planet, this space object is quite large. Generally asteroids are over 1 meter in size, such as the largest asteroid which has a diameter of 965 km, namely Ceres.

There are so many asteroids in this Solar System that could have hit the Earth during their orbits. However, did you know that Jupiter saved him?

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Attracting Asteroids

Indeed, some asteroids also orbit freely in outer space. Even several times the asteroid was seen near Earth.

However, most asteroids are in the asteroid belt, which lies between Mars and Jupiter. So, what is Jupiter’s role? The answer is their gravity that saves the Earth.

Jupiter is the largest gas-filled planet. The size of this planet is 11 times larger than Earth.

In fact, Jupiter is not just a giant ball. It protects Earth from destruction by blowing comets as well as asteroids through its strong gravity.

Apart from asteroids, Jupiter protects Earth from comets as well, especially long-period comets that are expected to strike Earth in millions or tens of millions of years.

Without the presence of Jupiter, these long-period comets would be more likely to collide with planet Earth. In recent decades, astronomers have seen several signs of a comet about to hit Jupiter.

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Solar System Group ‘Super Earth’

According to a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2015, two scientists have predicted that the Solar System once split to host a ‘SuperEarth’.

That is the name for a planet that is larger than planet Earth but smaller than Neptune. The planet is so vast that its gravity pulls in and stops most asteroids from hitting Earth.

Co-author Konstantin Batygin of Caltech explains that his research shows that Jupiter’s outward migration could destroy the first generation of planets.

In addition, Jupiter also set the situation for the formation of the mass-depleted terrestrial planets that the Solar System has today.

Currently Jupiter’s gravity protects Earth. They pulled the asteroid close enough to prevent it from colliding with the planet. (R10/HR-Online)


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