Jungfrau newspaper Panorama from October 17, 2019

– The Thun Prize goes to WAGMusic On Wednesday evening this was awarded to the musical integration project in the town hall. The music group of the living and working group for the physically handicapped in Gwatt consists of people with and without disabilities and has been delighting their audiences for more than 20 years. – Freddy Nock balances from castle to church The well-known tightrope walker stretched his rope between castle and church as part of a British TV show. We spoke to him before the spectacle. – Spital STS AG shows new building Four generations live, learn and work in the new Spital STS AG building on Thuner Burgstrasse. The 27 million project impresses with its material and its function. But planning the construction was not always easy. – The raffle will continue to inspire 51 years of the Interlaken trade fair this year – 51 years of the raffle. The gift table includes everything your heart desires, from wooden spoons to ski passes. Excitement and a portion of luck are part of it, knows IGA lucky fairy Biggi Kobler.

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