Jungfrau newspaper Panorama from March 27, 2019

– “It should run more again” Alfred Tschabold will not only take over the restaurant in the village center next weekend, but also the catering in the lido from the start of the season. The 57-year-old, who has managed the Eigernordwand restaurant on Kleine Scheidegg for the past few years, is now moving back down into the valley – and is not afraid of the new task. – Thunerseespiele: A first foretaste This summer the organizers are presenting the musical “I’ve never been to New York” with hits by Udo Jürgens. The main actors, the director and many other participants gave their first exclusive insights into the open-air world premiere at the kick-off event. – On the way to the perfect concert For the second time after 2017, the club was able to record a profit. The thin equity still worries President Markus Lüthi. Sports director Andres Gerber, on the other hand, is happy about the current sporting successes.

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