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Jumbo Transactions from Issuers Otto Sugiri, Foreigners Take IDR 2 T

by drbyos

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the issuers owned by Otto Toto Sugiri again made a scene among market participants. After previously the issuer owned by PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII) was bought up by the boss of Indofood, Anthony Salim. This act of buying DCII shares made the stock price soar and its market capitalization penetrated Rp 100 trillion. This time there was a negotiation transaction in another issuer owned by Otto.

The issuer is PT Indointernet Tbk (EDGE) where foreign investors have recorded a super jumbo net purchase of Otto’s shares in the negotiating market.

It is noted that foreign investors using the broker PT BCA Sekuritas (SQ) made purchases of 1.89 million lots of EDGE at a price of Rp. 10,495/unit from local investors who use the same securities, so this transaction is a transaction. crossing aka shut down. It is recorded that foreign investors poured funds of Rp. 1.99 trillion to make up for this transaction.

In response to the transaction, EDGE shares were traded flying to the ARA level, aka the highest daily increase. EDGE’s stock price was recorded at Rp 21,000/unit, an increase of exactly 20%. EDGE transaction value was recorded at Rp 4.6 billion with a market capitalization of Rp 8.5 trillion.

For information, the negotiated market on the IDX is one of three types of transactions on the stock exchange. Other types of transactions are transactions in the regular market or the ordinary market, and the cash market.

Transactions in the regular market are transactions carried out using a continuous bargaining mechanism and become a transaction facility at normal prices and a minimum transaction amount of 1 lot (100 shares).

On the other hand, large transactions carried out in the negotiated market usually involve large owners or shareholders who do not want to damage prices in the regular market. The price and number of transactions can be determined by both parties without needing to follow the market price.

Meanwhile, the cash market is a market in which securities trading on the stock exchange is carried out based on a continuous bidding process.continuous auction market) by stock exchange member companies (AB) through the JATS system and the settlement is carried out on the same exchange day aka the same day (T+0).


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