Julien Odoul: “Arnaud Montebourg would do better to support Marine Le Pen to save his ideas”

The spokesperson for the Rassemblement National gathered his troops at the headquarters of the Parc du Morvan. He confided in an interview in which he talks about immigration, biodiversity, purchasing power, nuclear power, but also about Eric Zemmour and Arnaud Montebourg’s candidacy for the Presidential election.

Julien Odoul invited the elected officials of his party to demonstrate in Nevers.

Great Lakes Hall at the headquarters of the Parc du Morvan, in Saint-Brisson, in the Nièvre, between Saulieu and Château-Chinon! This is where Julien Odoul, boss of the National Gathering in Burgundy – Franche-Comté and spokesperson for Marine Le Pen and his party, had made an appointment with the regional elected officials of his party, this Friday, September 3, 2021. For a very Nivernaise day, since it continued with a demonstration in front of the Town Hall of Nevers to denounce the positions of Denis Thuriot on the reception of Afghan refugees.

Why did you choose the headquarters of Parc du Morvan, in Saint-Brisson, to hold your back-to-school seminar?

JULIEN ODOUL: “The Park is an extraordinary asset for the Burgundy – Franche-Comté region, but it is not sufficiently valued and too little known. So I wanted our elected officials to discover the site which is remarkable ”.

Have you been greeted by Sylvain Mathieu, Vice-President of the Region and President of the Park?

“No he wasn’t there. But Sylvain Mathieu had already welcomed us in 2018 and had shown us around the site. There it is the director of the Park who received us and made discover the site to those and those who did not know it. He showed us around a bog ”.

What is the rental cost for this seminar?

“It’s free. Since the Morvan Park is largely financed by the Regional Council, it is normal that the regional elected representatives can meet there and work for free ”.

What do you recommend for the Morvan?

“We are the party of nature and rural heritage. We, our nature, is not the ideology of Europe Ecology The Greens. We are biodiversity, it is the quality of the water, the preservation of trees and protection against wind turbines. And it’s not just the fight of the National Rally. The mixed union of the Parc du Morvan has spoken out against a wind farm project at the gates of the Morvan. This is an opinion shared with us. But it is a fight that we have been carrying for several years. Yes we are on “zero wind turbines”. We are fighting political patronage. We fight the harmfulness of wind turbines. They are a political ideology which disfigures the landscapes against the opinion of the inhabitants. That is why we are asking for a moratorium. We prefer hydropower or nuclear power ”.

What are your priorities for the environment?

“The primary environmentalist is a competition of“ crazy ”. When the Mayor of Lyon decides to “degenerate” a schoolyard in his city, the best answer, the best observation, is a child who has it by saying that he just wants football cages. This child is in real life. The younger ones are in a good way and it’s not just the boys who play soccer. Football cages are not sexist. But we can see that the Greens want to put an end to our fundamentals. They want to degenerate, to generalize inclusive writing. It is also on its way to the Regional Council, we will see it soon with inclusive writing. We are going to see “crazy people” in our region “.

There is a fundamental question about trees in the Morvan. Are you in favor of hardwoods or softwoods?

“There is already a precarious balance. We must not upset what exists. We must aim for a balance between biodiversity and economic activities. There needs to be logging, but it doesn’t just need loggers. We need a clear position, like on the wolf… ”

…That is to say ?

“The Greens are staunch defenders of the wolf and of cohabitation with breeders. But this cohabitation is impossible, because as we have seen, the wolf decimates the herds. We are asking that it be regulated. The breeders must be given the means to protect themselves, including by shooting the wolf ”.

You have also decided to go to Nevers. Why ?

“Yes, we have decided to gather in front of the Town Hall, to challenge and denounce Mayor Denis Thuriot’s announcement to declare himself in favor of welcoming Afghan migrants. We now know that these migrants represent a risk. We don’t want to have to pay the price for anarchic immigration. They have already manifested themselves in the past in Dijon, Auxerre, Joigny, through unacceptable acts. There is a real security problem for our fellow citizens ”.

However, Afghans worked for France and were in danger if they stayed in Kabul …

“We are to welcome them, but there are only a few dozen. Not hundreds, not thousands. In 2020, of the 35,000 Afghans who had left their country, 92% were men. We must not hide our face. There are terrorist risks. Some were identified after being identified on planes by other migrants. These massive arrivals of migrants will have repercussions ”.

Your other back-to-school topic?

“Purchasing power, because it is central. The price of fuel has returned to the level that had preceded the yellow vests crisis. Gas and electricity are increasing. All this is combined with the economic crisis ”.

The departmental council of Côte-d’Or has decided to set the price of meals in the canteens at 2 euros again this year. Do you approve?

“It’s a good thing, undoubtedly. But at the same time, Mr. Sauvadet made a vote for the reception of Afghan migrants.
We believe that there are other priorities for our fellow citizens. In Burgundy – Franche-Comté there are 400,000 poor out of the 13 million in France. They do not have three meals a day, do not heal themselves. This is why we are asking to prioritize social spending. We cannot maintain social misery by not making the right choices. Our priority in Burgundy – Franche-Comté must not be international politics, but the inhabitants of our region ”.

Will you be a legislative candidate?

“I am not answering this question at the moment. I am already a candidate for Marine Le Pen for the President ”.

Does Eric Zemmour worry you? Marine Le Pen refused to debate with him …

“Already he is not a candidate. The situation today is too easy for him. He is a columnist and continues to speak as he wishes, while we are in the countryside. Politics is a global project. It takes experience, resilience. We can see that Marine Le Pen was right on many subjects. It is not because Mr. Zemmour writes columns that it makes him a credible candidate. We do not improvise a candidate ”.

And Arnaud Montebourg who announces his candidacy and defends the “made in France”?

“It is very clear that with Mr. Montebourg, we can come together on subjects and questions: The rejection of globalization, the reindustrialisation of our country, protectionism,“ made in France ”. Arnaud Montebourg would do better to support Marine Le Pen who is the only one who can win his ideas. Alone, he will not succeed. He just took a few votes here and there… and in particular to Madame Hidalgo ”.

Collected by Alain BOLLERY


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