Jonathan Clauss (RC Lens): “If Nîmes succeeds against Marseille [pourquoi pas nous] »

After the meeting which ended in a 1-1 draw against FC Nantes – on an equalizer by Gael Kakuta in the 80th minute for Lens – the defender of the Sang et Or, Jonathan Clauss spoke about this sharing of points, important for the rest of the season for the northern club.

“A positive feeling because after being led 1-0 away – after two consecutive defeats – you had to react. So it’s positive, but frustrated because we would have liked to start with the 3 points, but to leave with one point is already very positive. ”

Journalist – What did he miss to snatch the victory?
JC – I think that like the penalty, he missed the last gesture, in the game we were good, but in mastering the penultimate pass or the last gesture, we were less good. But we continue to work on it.

Journalist – Your match you escape and in the second half you felt that it could change?
JC – At half-time we are frustrated because we had a great first half, but when we restarted we knew that Nantes would like to keep this result. So we had to do more, we score from a set piece in the end, and that feels good.

Journalist – It does good as you say, it would have been a shame to have a third defeat?
JC – Yes afterwards I find that in the full match, leaving with the defeat would have been terrible for us, but in view of the content we have not much to be ashamed of.

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Journalist – It’s on the last move in front of the goal that you have peach ?
JC – Yes after that is the situation in which the player finds himself, it is not necessarily obvious, even if on my crosses I still touched players, it was complicated for them to succeed in this last gesture . After we try to do our best, but it’s just a bit of a shame [qu’on n’ait pas inscrit plus de nos occasions].

Journalist – Did we feel you were solid all the same, just like the start of the season?

JC – Yes totally, we had to regain a real defensive base, even if we take this goal from the penalty spot, it’s me who loses a ball that I should never have lost. We are a playful team, I should have relaunched properly, even if Jo [Jonathan Gradit] should have done something else to avoid the penalty perhaps.

We also wanted to alternate pressing and trying to suck them in, we had phases of possession and post-pressing, we find this dynamic at the start of the season, that’s what we lacked and that we absolutely wanted to find.

Journalist – On the next late match against Marseille, Wednesday

JC – We will have to manage, if Nîmes succeeds against Marseille, we don’t see why we wouldn’t succeed.

Journalist – Are you reassured for the rest of the season?

JC – It’s not victory, but it’s still [satisfaisant]. 100% reassured I don’t think so, but a good 90% in view of the service.

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