Join Hands to Push the World Economy on the Track of Sustained Recovery –

Join Hands to Push the World Economy on the Track of Sustained Recovery –

On September 2, President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech to the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services Global Service Trade Summit, pointing out: “China is willing to work with all parties in other countries to promote inclusive development through service opening up, promote linkage and integration through service cooperation, and promote integration and integration through service cooperation. Innovation fosters growth momentum, creates a better future through service sharing, and works together to push the world economy onto the track of sustained recovery.”

President Xi Jinping’s video speech aroused enthusiastic responses among the cadres and the masses. Everyone said that at present, global service trade and service industry cooperation are developing in depth, the process of digitization, intelligence, and greenization is accelerating, and new technologies, new formats, and new models are emerging one after another. We should jointly share the historical opportunity of the development of global trade in services and work together to create a better and more prosperous future for the world.

  Persist in promoting high-level opening up and provide new opportunities for countries to open up and cooperate

President Xi Jinping pointed out in his video speech: “This year marks the 45th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. China will continue to promote high-level opening up, comprehensively promote Chinese-style modernization with high-quality development, and provide new opportunities for open cooperation among countries.”

“Listening to Chairman Xi Jinping’s video speech at the opening ceremony of the Service Trade Fair, I was deeply inspired and encouraged.” Ge Haijiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Bank of China, said that opening up is an important engine to promote development, and finance is an important driving force driving the engine of opening up source. Bank of China will thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, rely on the characteristics of globalization and comprehensive operation, actively grasp the historical opportunity of the development of global service trade, contribute financial power to the green development, integrated development and innovative development of service trade, and provide more services to the world Better Chinese service.

“President Xi Jinping’s speech was far-sighted and inspiring, and conveyed to the world China’s determination to create a better future with all parties in the world.” said Yu Xubo, chairman and party secretary of General Technology Group, as a central enterprise in the field of big health industry , General Technology Group is committed to serving the Healthy China strategy and actively responding to the national strategy of population aging. Focusing on the growing quality of life and health and safety needs of the people, the General Technology Group will provide refined medical services, strengthen health management, and expand healthy elderly care to improve people’s health. Contribute to health and well-being and promote the construction of a healthy China.

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Wang Dongtang, director of the Department of Service Trade and Commerce and Service Industry of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in his speech, President Xi Jinping profoundly explained the situation facing the development of global service trade, especially from the four aspects of openness, cooperation, innovation, and sharing. An important measure to jointly promote the innovation and development of the service industry and service trade has pointed out the direction for the development of China’s service trade. In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will promote the introduction of policy documents to promote the open and innovative development of trade in services, further optimize the business environment for the development of trade in services, and promote the high-quality development of trade in services.

“President Xi Jinping’s speech put forward China’s initiative for the open development and win-win cooperation of the global service industry, which pointed out the direction and strengthened confidence for the high-quality development of service trade.” You Wei, member of the party group and deputy general manager of COFCO, said that with the foundation Continuously consolidated, service trade has increasingly become a new engine for the development of foreign trade and a new driving force for deepening opening up. COFCO is actively working with international partners to create a more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable international agri-food system, and to promote the green and sustainable development of the global agri-food industry.

The secretary of the Beijing Chaoyang District Party Committee stated that Chaoyang District is an important window for Beijing’s foreign trade region and the capital’s opening up to the outside world, and it is also the main host of the Service Trade Fair. In recent years, Chaoyang District has given full play to the advantages of regional internationalization characteristics, unswervingly promoted high-level opening up, promoted key industries such as business, technology, finance, and culture, and strived to build a new district that is suitable for living, business, business, learning, and tourism. Chaoyang. In the next step, Chaoyang District will seize the opportunity to attract more new formats and models of service trade, and strive to achieve greater development results in the field of service trade.

  Strengthen the innovation-driven development path, and accelerate the cultivation of new momentum for the digitalization of trade in services

President Xi Jinping pointed out in his video speech: “We will strengthen the innovation-driven development path. Accelerate the cultivation of new momentum for the digitalization of service trade, promote the reform of the basic data system, and promote the innovation and development of digital trade reform.”

“President Xi Jinping’s speech has strengthened the company’s determination and confidence to strengthen innovation-driven development.” Li Kai, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China Construction Fifth Bureau, said that the “China Construction Stone Machine” displayed by China Construction Fifth Bureau at this service trade fair , The slag excavated by the shield machine can be used as resources to make slope protection bricks, trail bricks, grass planting bricks, etc., to help green construction. “We will continue to take the initiative to integrate into and serve the national development strategy, unleash more innovative energy, improve building quality, and improve the living environment. At the same time, we will actively participate in the joint construction of the ‘Belt and Road’ to provide more and better Chinese services to the world.”

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Zhang Geping, head of Beijing Customs, said that Beijing Customs will continue to promote the construction of smart customs, and do its best to do a good job in the policy support, exhibition filing and exhibit clearance of the CIFTIS, in order to serve the construction of Beijing’s “two districts” and promote high-level openness and high-quality development make greater contributions.

“President Xi Jinping’s speech fully demonstrates China’s confidence and determination to unswervingly promote high-level opening up, and we are encouraged.” Xu Ran, CEO of Jingdong Group, said that Jingdong has opened up its own supply chain infrastructure and advanced digital technology. capabilities, and strive to promote the development of the real economy and real industries. This year is the fourth consecutive year that has participated in the exhibition as a global partner of the CIFTIS. As the official technical service provider of the conference, JD Cloud continued to consolidate and upgrade the technical base of the “Cloud Service Trade Fair”, and built a cloud platform of “exhibition, conference, negotiation, trade and service” for domestic and foreign exhibitors, helping to create a never-ending event. Service Trade Fair.

Xu Yuanyuan, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Fengtai District, Beijing, said that it is necessary to actively promote high-level service-oriented opening up, improve enterprise life cycle development services, create a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized business environment, and improve links to global high-end elements The capacity of resources to accumulate new kinetic energy for the development of foreign trade.

Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip Group, said that China is rich in tourism resources and the tourism industry is growing rapidly. Ctrip will increase its efforts in innovation and research and development, and by further improving and strengthening its services, it will carry out international cooperation in a wider range and at a deeper level to help people share a better travel life.

  Share the achievements of Chinese-style modernization and enhance the sense of gain of people around the world

President Xi Jinping pointed out in the video speech: “We will share the achievements of Chinese-style modernization. We will focus on expanding domestic demand, accelerate the construction of a strong domestic market, actively expand the import of high-quality services, encourage the expansion of knowledge-intensive service exports, and use China’s large market opportunities as the world’s Provide a new impetus for development, provide more and better Chinese services to the world with high-quality development, and enhance the sense of gain of the people of the world.”

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Li Mingguang, member of the party committee and vice president of China Life Insurance (Group) Company, said that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Over the past 10 years, China Life has thoroughly implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. It has continued to increase its investment in resources in terms of financial product innovation, service for people’s livelihood security, and deepening cross-border financial cooperation to provide a package of comprehensive financial services for enterprises to “go global”. In the future, we will further leverage our comprehensive financial advantages, carry out extensive international business cooperation, and make greater contributions to high-level opening up and serving the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Rong Xinfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Badaling Cultural Tourism Group, said that it is necessary to adhere to an open and inclusive attitude, keep up with the pace of the times, innovate cultural and tourism formats, do a good job in tourism reception for Chinese and foreign tourists, further spread the Great Wall culture, and satisfy Chinese and foreign tourists. The needs of a better cultural and tourism life.

“ZTO Express Group will make full use of the opportunities brought by the China International Fair for Trade in Services to build a more powerful express logistics system.” Lai Jianchang, vice president of ZTO Express Group and head of ZTO International, said that one end of express logistics connects production, and the other end Connecting consumption has injected strong impetus into restoring economic vitality and enhancing the resilience of economic development. ZTO will continue to help build a new development pattern, send out “Made in China”, bring in high-quality foreign products, and provide more and better Chinese services to the world with high-quality development.

Liu Shan, deputy director of the Beijing Shijingshan District Bureau of Commerce, said that as a national-level industrial transformation and development demonstration zone, Shijingshan District has always kept pace with the opening up of the country and Beijing. It is necessary to make good use of the platform of the Service Trade Fair, promote the construction of an international open cooperation zone, focus on cross-border trade and digital economy, actively promote reform and innovation, and create a world-class business environment for the landing and development of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises.

(Reporters Du Haitao, Ouyang Jie, Wang Haonan, Luo Shanshan, Pan Junqiang, Qi Zhiming, Wang Ke, Ding Yiting, Han Xin, Qu Xinming)


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