Johnnie Walker makes a limited edition bottle of “La Casa de Papel” available in Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA – The number one brand of Scotch whiskey in the world announced the launch of a limited edition designer bottle Johnnie Walker Red Label celebrating the latest episodes of the global phenomenon of La Casa de Papel.

These last five episodes will be shown on Netflix starting December 3, 2021.

This special edition bottle is characterized as a unique collection for all fans of the series and passionate about the famous Johnnie Walker whiskey, since when the bottle is exposed to an ultraviolet light source, it reveals a series of images, phrases and references. One of the best known characters in the Netflix series.

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“Like many fans in dozens of countries, we have been fascinated by the action in the fictional world of La Casa de Papel. We are pleased to mark part of the history of the series with a limited edition design. Personally, I see the story end with a glass of Johnnie Walker in hand and a bottle that I will keep forever, ”said Julie Bramham, Johnnie Walker’s director of global marketing.

Collection bottle

People who want to buy one of these bottles should purchase a bottle of Johnny Walker Red at any Walmart store.

The new bottle, designed to celebrate the final production season of the Netflix series at La Casa de Papel, reveals hidden messages when exposed to ultraviolet light.

When they make a purchase, they must activate their invoice in a publication that Walmart Costa Rica publishes on their social networks, and by completing the steps they will participate in one of these limited-batch bottles.

Another way to get one of these bottles is with the Order Now delivery app. By purchasing a 750 ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and a 375 ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, the customer wins a limited edition bottle of La. Casa De Papel and virtual tasting.

And finally, those who want to win a limited batch bottle should be attentive to the social networks of the influencers Johanna Villalobos, El Danny CR, Yo Soy Pollo, Andrea Fernández, Michelle Naranjo and Paula Chavarría, since they will be in different parts of San José . creates a new activity where your followers have to guess the iconic ingredients to create the perfect Johnnie Walker Red Label drink.

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When answering questions about Johnnie Walker and La Casa de Papel, they participate in a limited batch of bottles.

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