Johan Mojica prior to the match between the Colombia and Brazil National Team for Qualifying against Qatar 2022 | Colombia selection

This Friday, the left-back of the Colombia National Team attended the press conference prior to the game against Brazil and left his feelings for the game that will be this Sunday, starting at 4:00 pm. He is confident that the tricolor will be able to show his football and get the 3 points against the leader of the Eliminatory, who arrives with 9 wins.

Previous work to Brazil: “The team is quite concentrated. We know the rival that we are going to face, with the undefeated they bring and the conditions that each of the players brings, but we trust a lot in our work, in our qualities. We are strengthened physically and Mental. There is a good atmosphere and you want to leave everything and a little more. We are going to face Brazil to beat them. They are complex but we are going to be intelligent, with a good attitude and order. “

Square, go down for yellow: “We are going to face a great Brazil, who is in great condition and we know the importance that Cuadrado has in the National Team, the work he has been doing for many years and the experience not only in football but also as a person; the players who are at They are ready to replace him, they are also in optimal condition and with the illusion of doing well. We know the qualities that we have. We are going to emphasize showing our football. “

Expectations in Barranquilla: “Getting a point in Montevideo is quite valuable and clearly we wanted to get all three points, but we know how strong they are. For us it was essential to arrive in optimal conditions at our house, so we hope to show our football and we hope to be lucid for any situation that arises. The team is focused and wanting to do everything in an excellent way. ”

“Among the players we always comment on the rivals that we are going to face and we detail each of the players that we play in each area. All the games are important and not only this one for the rival. Playing at home has a plus and here in Colombia feels different, so we have talked about the most unbalancing players of them, we have talked from defense to attack. It is very important to be focused and show aggressiveness. ”

The left wing dilemma: “The players that we are here have the conditions to represent the National Team well. Whoever enters will do an excellent job. We are already going to analyze which rival is going to face and also see which team is going to mount. Now the full-backs Tesillo and I are left, we are professionals and either of us can do a good job, both in defense and attack. For the National Team it is very important to use the bands. ”

Neymar’s personal brand?: “We know the difficulty of facing Brazil and all the players have many conditions, not only Neymar. We know the concentration we must have and it is with everyone. We have not touched any personal marking. We will be focused on taking care of the details. We prepare game by game and it is the correct way, in Uruguay we looked for the three points and it did not happen, but we took the goal at zero and that is the important thing, now we want to get the 3 points from home and then we will think about Ecuador. the leader and that’s the focus. ”



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