Joe Eskimo Trailer German / Deutsch

English: This is the official trailer of the animated short movie “Joe Eskimo”, a funny, but also dramatic film about an isolated Inuit who thinks he is responsible for the changes around him caused by Global Warming. The film is out in selected theaters now. For screening dates and locations go to: Find out more about the movie at: Visit the production blog: http://joeskimo We are currently looking for distributors, so if you are interested, please write an e-mail to joeskimo(at) Please also write to the same address if you want to screen “Joe Eskimo” on your festival or television station. English: This is the official trailer for the 3d animated short film “Joe Eskimo”, a funny but also tragic story against the serious backdrop of global warming. The film is currently showing on select screens around the world. For information about the screenings, just go to Joe’s Myspace page: For more information about the film, visit the official website: Check it out our production blog: Joe Eskimo was produced by Wolfram Gruß (, Mario Tran phuc ( and Max Rieß ( We are currently looking for a distributor, so if you are interested please email: pnfa(at) Please use the same address, if you want to feature Joe Eskimo at a festival or on a TV channel.


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