‘Joaquín, el rookie’, ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ and ‘Robin Hood’ compete today for the audience

Antenna 3 broadcasts tonight a new installment of ‘Joaquin, the rookie‘ (10:45 p.m.). This week, Joaquín will debut as a singer with Rosario Flores. With more than 30 years of experience and the artistic heritage of one of the most important sagas in our country, Rosario will show the secrets of her profession. “You know you have a complicated challenge ahead of you, don’t you?” comments the footballer who warns: “Singing I’m a disaster”. Antonio Carmona, a close friend of Rosario, will help in the fun master class that they both teach Joaquín in a recording studio. In a humorous key, ‘El novato’ will learn a series of techniques and breathing exercises to train the voice, sing and vocalize the song ‘Marcha, marcha’, one of Rosario’s greatest hits.

On the other hand, a new installment of ‘Nightmare in Paradise‘ (10:50 p.m.) arrives tonight at Telecinco. After the first live nominations last week, in which Gloria Camila was the most voted by her colleagues and Omar was chosen by the last expelled, one of the two, the one who receives the least support in the Mitele app, will leave the reality. The contestants will meet with Lara Álvarez at El Consejo to find out the decision of the audience and participate in a new round of nominations: the first nominee chosen directly by the expelled of the night and the second, the most voted by his peers.

Russell Crowe dresses up as Robin Hood in La 1

the 1 TVE bets tonight for a new showing of ‘Robin Hood‘ (10:25 p.m.). Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe), a magnificent archer who has fought in the Crusades in the service of King Richard the Lionheart (Danny Huston), returns from the Holy Land fighting the French and sacking villages. When Richard is killed by an arrow, Robin moves to Nottingham to fulfill a promise he made to Sir Robert Loxley (Douglas Hodge) before he died: to take his sword to his father, Sir Walter Loxley (Max Von Sydow). ). There he meets Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), Loxley’s widow. Meanwhile, in England, Juan Sin Tierra (Oscar Isaac) reigns, a king without character and unable to face both internal rebellions and external threats concocted by the perfidious Godfrey (Mark Strong). The objective of Robin and his men will be to prevent a bloody civil war and return glory to his country.

Pierce Brosnan, on stage in Cuatro

A new pass of ‘The November Conspiracy‘ occupies the prime time of Four (10:50 p.m.). Peter Devereaux, aka ‘The November Man’, is a veteran and dangerous former CIA agent, enjoying a vacation and leading a quiet life in Switzerland. But suddenly, he is called upon for one last mission: to protect a key witness for the Agency.

the sixth schedule the broadcast of the film tonight ‘The specialist‘ (10:30 p.m.). An explosives expert, a former member of the CIA, is hired by a beautiful and mysterious woman in order to take down a group of mobsters who murdered her parents when she was a child.


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