Jo Dong-yeon, an alma mater, said that he was an impeccable child… abruptly deleted post

Teacher at alma mater, Cho Dong-yeon takes over at school 7 years after graduation
Explain that he wrote a story he had heard from a fellow teacher
“Don’t apologize for disappointing a lot of people”

Cho Dong-yeon, former co-chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea. photo = news 1

A teacher at the alma mater of former co-chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, Dong-Yeon Cho, posted a post describing Cho’s school days, calling him “a flawless child,” but then abruptly deleted it. It is known that this teacher was appointed to the school after graduating, not during Cho’s school days.

Former Chairman Cho’s alma mater A, a teacher, posted on his Facebook page on the 6th with the title, ‘The story of a graduate J who keeps me from sleeping’. Attorney Tae-Jeong Yang, the legal representative of former Chairman Cho, shared this article and said, “It gives a great impression and resonates.”

Mr. A recalled the school days of former Chairman Cho, saying, “The small female student did an exemplary and active school life despite the difficult family circumstances.” All the teachers cared for him and supported him to achieve his dream without giving in to difficult circumstances.”

She continued, “She originally wanted to go to a prestigious university in Seoul, but on the advice of her teacher, she changed her career to the Military Academy. “My teacher recommended me to go to a military academy that would become a

He continued, “More than the news of former Chairman Cho’s (Democratic Party) recruitment became a hot topic, there was a brutal attack on her private life, divorce history 10 years ago and children. “We knew Jo Dong-yeon, but what should we do because Dong-yeon is pitiful?”

Finally, he added, “Since you have not been disappointed because your private life has been revealed, don’t apologize for ‘disappointing many people’ any more.

photo = Yonhap News

photo = Yonhap News

However, the post was deleted a day after it was written. It is known that Mr. A was appointed to this school in 2007, about 7 years later than in February 2000, when former Chairman Cho graduated from the school.

It is known that Mr. A explained that he wrote a story he heard from his fellow teachers, not a story he made up. He also stated that he had known former Chairman Cho for over 10 years.

Previously, former Chairman Cho issued a statement on the ‘suspicion of an out-of-wedlock’ and had an unwanted pregnancy due to sexual violence by a third party around August 2010. said he did not pay.

Attorney Yang Tae-jung, who is the legal representative for Cho’s side, said, “(The two children) had different fathers and explained such a relationship, and both the current spouse and the spouse’s parents understood it,” he said.

Daeyoung Kim, reporter at [email protected]


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