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JJ Abrams openly and honestly: “Star Wars” taught him a lesson the hard way!

by drbyos

Nobody before has managed to split the Star War fan base like that J. J. Abrams with his sequel trilogy. This has now compared to the Collider confessed that he simply had no plan:

“I’ve been on a couple of projects, most of them series. There are ideas and when the series starts you think you know where the series is going. But sometimes an actor or a relationship that has already been written comes along, doesn’t work and turns everything upside down. Anything that you thought would work well just collapses on top of you, while other moments that you actually think were just tiny suddenly become epic and the series goes in a completely different direction. I feel that I have learned my lesson several times now. Especially now, during the pandemic, when I’ve met writers, I know my lesson is planning. You have to plan everything as well as possible, but also react to the unexpected. The unexpected can come in so many forms that it is imperative to know where you are going with a story. I’ve been involved in projects where we had good ideas but didn’t think them through consistently enough. But there were also cases in which we had ideas that we were not allowed to implement. I’ve had so many situations in which you plan everything, but then do it 180 degrees differently. Sometimes everything works great and you think: “Wow, we couldn’t have planned it better”, but on the other hand also: “Oh God, how did we get to this point in production?”. I really learned the hard way: Having a plan is the most important thing! Otherwise you are only as good as your last scene; Everything has to lead somewhere! “

What do you think? Comes for JJ Abrams this insight too late? Let us know in the comments:

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