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‘Bennifer’ is the couple of the moment in Hollywood. After taking his love to the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival and days later to the MET Gala, Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck they surprised again with their elegance at the premiere of “The last duel” In New York. The ‘Diva from the Bronx’ not only accompanied her boyfriend to enjoy the movie he starred in, but also impressed with her daring look and left an emotional photo on Instagram that hides a great detail: how much she is in love with him and his support.

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7 years apart, the celebrity paths came together again after she ended her courtship with Alex Rodriguez. They are inseparable since May 2021.

Jennifer and Ben’s madness of love

Saturday night, Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck They arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 52-year-old singer impressed with her outfit, making it clear that she has a spectacular figure. She chose a two-piece from the French house Hervé Léger with long sleeves and a slit in the skirt that exposed her legs. That was not all, because with the crop top she showed off her abs.

The detail in the photo of Jennifer Lopez

JLo I knew it was the night of Ben Affleck, who starred in the movie “The last duel” with Matt Damon. Although he posed with him at the gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and they were very complicit, he also gave him space to show off on his own and answer questions from reporters.

Through your Instagram account, Jennifer Lopez He shared an image in which he appears observing his partner while he is with the accredited press. She was shown leaning against a column and with her back, but what the image conveyed was much further away.

“The magic of the red carpet,” Jennifer Lopez wrote in a photo looking at Ben Affleck completely in love. (Photo: @jlo / Instagram)

“Support your man”, “Stay with whoever looks at you as JLo to Ben”, “This is the picture”, “It’s wonderful how you and Ben support each other in their respective careers.”, were some of the reactions to the love image that showed that Jennifer is a great support for Affleck’s career.

A few days ago the actor revealed that “I’m really happy” Then “It is a very happy time in my life. Life is Beautiful”. Ben wrote ‘The Last Duel’, which will premiere on October 15, with his friend Matt Damon and he has no intention of neglecting his personal life and this new opportunity with JLo.


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