Jennifer Aniston sells a hair gloss (hello, Rachel hair!)

Jennifer Aniston (52) is the latest in a long list of celebrities who have been encouraged to try your luck in the world of beauty creating their own cosmetic brands. We always talk about Gwyneth Paltrow, but there have been the perfumes of Britney, JLo and even Bustamante for decades, as well as the empires of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian or, on a very minor scale, Adara Molinero with her false eyelashes. In the case of Jennifer Aniston, who has one of the most admired manes in the world, it is not surprising that the first product in its line is related to the hair care.

The actress has just released a detangling cream called Glossing Detangler, come on, what makes a ‘gloss’ effect or that enhances the shine in the hair, speaking in silver, and that is also vegan, does not use harsh chemicals and has not been tested on animals. It is your brand’s cover letter LolaVie, whose name is based on the one you chose for the first car you bought in your life and for the moment, sorry, it still does not ship to Europe (and more places).

The inspiration behind her first creation, which the actress defines as the “swiss army knife” of hair treatmentsIt has been one of the biggest aesthetic ‘mistakes’ she made in her entire life, when it occurred to her to cut her hair herself at the age of 13 and ended up with a tangle of tousled strands that each went in one direction.

At the moment, Jennifer’s plans are to focus on what she knows best, her hair (not in vain in the 90s the ‘Rachel hair’, her character in ‘Friends’ and that matter still queasy was all the rage), but She does not rule out expanding her product line in the future to enter other areas of beauty because she has “a lot of ideas” in her head.


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