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Jennifer Aniston peppered by the possible return of Ben Affleck and JLo CELEBRITIES The Intransigent

by drbyos

The news of the moment in Hollywood directly relates to Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez, after the ex-partner was caught in the middle of a getaway to Montana. The apparent return of “Bennifer”, as the press baptized them, moved the fans to the point of splashing Jennifer Aniston for the very idea of ​​seeing her again with her most iconic ex: Brad Pitt.

While over the years, fans never put aside the illusion of reconciliation between the 52-year-old actress and Brad Pitt, now that Ben Affleck Y JLo They approached again, it served as a halo of hope for many. In social networks like Twitter, for example, the photos and videos of Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband.

The pair, which in the past formed one of the couples most followed by the paparazzi in Hollywood, separated just over 15 years ago, when Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie. Although it was a story full of deception and in which Jennifer Aniston She felt betrayed by the love of her life, with time they were able to turn the page and get along.

Brad and Angelina They are in the middle of an intense legal battle for the custody of their children together and part of the actress’s maneuvers consists of accusing him of gender violence and child abuse. As soon as the news was known, the media specialized in celebrities reported that the actor was “on the ground” and that his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston it acted as a retaining wall in their favor.

Although many people would delight in a gathering of Brad Pitt Y Jennifer AnistonThey just haven’t gotten back together. Time and time again, the spokesmen for the two confirm that they are not yet a couple. Despite being cordial and even exchanging a quick hug at the SAG awards in January 2020, they are friends and happy for each other, but that’s about it.

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