Jennifer Aniston launches a line of natural beauty products, she will share her secrets!

In 2020, Jen launched a perfume with the same name, LolaVie, which means ‘laugh at life’. Once announced and about to hit the market, Jen abruptly changed the name of the fragrance to ‘Jennifer Aniston’ due to conflicts with a similar brand. Finally, it seems that everything is in order to fully venture into your own beauty business with all of the law.

On September 17, the actress premieres the second season of the series ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV +.

So far, Jennifer was the image of Aveeno And it hadn’t been related to any other beauty brand. It is worth mentioning that Aniston has tough competition, because, while she is about to enter the field of skin care, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez y Kylie Jenner They have already monopolized the market and have millionaire sales.



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