Jeff Bezos, the case against NASA and the space agency’s accusations against the billionaire

Jeff Bezos lost the battle for the moon and this made him angry with both Elon Musk and NASA. The US space agency has only commissioned SpaceX to carry out its next mission to Earth’s natural satellite, leading to a lawsuit by the owner of Blue Origin, the other major contender for the contract and the millions.

Bezos is suing NASA over Musk

Their enmity has no end

Musk has repeatedly joked with Bezos and his desire to seek justice in court, even when there is no obvious violation. And this time the answer to his actions comes from NASA, where they are no less outraged.

From there, they said publicly that the costly and lengthy litigation that the billionaire apparently wants to lead, threaten to destroy “the momentum that is once a generation”.

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The space agency is targeting the implementation of the next mission to the moon, which is essential not only for them but for all mankind. But Bezos puts his interests through those of NASA, the United States and all the other people on this planet who dream of understanding what lies beyond it.

The Artemis mission was originally set until 2024. to send people back to Earth’s natural satellite. But now this plan seems almost impossible to implement, because the affairs of Bezos will slow down the process of cooperation between NASA and SpaceX. For now, the term has been extended, but it is still not clear by how much, reports Independent.

The original appeal of the owner of Blue Origin was rejected, after which he filed a new one, this time before the Federal Claims Court. His final decision is expected on November 1.

If Bezos’ demands are met, then the deal between NASA and SpaceX will be declared null and void and the space agency will have to start selecting a contractor for the mission to the moon from the beginning, which would further delay the whole process.

Elon Musk, SpaceX, Space, Jeff Bezos and what the billionaire said in his new interview

Musk’s double blow to Bezos

The billionaire is frank again

From NASA do not hide their worries that the current delay could become a possible future cancellation of the mission due to lack of political support, budget or other reason. And then it is possible that the victory of Bezos will become a loss for all mankind.



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