Jazz festival in Villingen: Adele Neuhauser and trio inspire – Villingen-Schwenningen & surroundings

Jazz festival in Villingen: Adele Neuhauser and trio inspire – Villingen-Schwenningen & surroundings

There was stormy applause for Adele Neuhauser and the trio Edi Nulz at the jazz festival in Villingen. Photo: Zährl

Well-known names and premieres were on the program of the jazz festival “Jazzin’ The Black Forest”, which was held in Villingen for the sixth time.

For the Completion of the music festival there was a lyrical evening in the Theater am Ring. Adele Neuhauser, known as the Austrian crime scene detective, performed adaptations from Greek mythology.

She was musically accompanied by the chamber punk jazz trio Edi Nulz. she is Jazzlover. In an interview with BR-Klassik she said: “The band Edi Nulz is very playful, humorous, creative and intelligent in their music.”

Trio fits perfectly

As it turned out, the Austrian trio was a perfect fit to the wild stories of Adele Neuhauser. The Greek titans and gods lived out murder, manslaughter, jealousy, pain, anger – all human qualities without inhibition. The reading, based on the book “Myth What the Gods Tell Us Today” by Stephen Fry, offered great entertainment.

Greek adventures

The jazz fans weren’t left out either. They prepared the audience for the Greek adventures with a powerful jazz introduction. Over the course of the evening, Phrygian sounds, allusions to the Sirtaki from Alexis Zorba, onomatopoeia and southern rhythms could be heard. Effects, staged in a surprising and funny way, made the audience laugh. The jazz musicians’ classic solos were also performed on the occasion of a music competition in the heavens.

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Full physical effort

Adele Neuhauser showed the weaknesses and sufferings of the gods with full physical effort. She initiated the audience by starting with the emptiness and chaos. Then filled it with the Titans Gaia and Uranus and their children and their children’s children. With King Midas the whole scheming mess stopped and everything ended back in universal chaos.

The great trio and the likeable Adele Neuhauser were convincing and ensured an evening of class and lots of fun. The audience honored the successful conclusion of the jazz festival with stormy applause.

The participants were Adele Neuhauser, voice, Siegmar Brecher, bass clarinet, guitarist Julian Adam Pajzs and Valentin Schuster, drums.

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