Home Entertainment Jason Momoa, "Aquaman", is called to touch his daughter inappropriately

Jason Momoa, “Aquaman”, is called to touch his daughter inappropriately

The way in which the actor is Jason Momoa he caressed one of his daughters during the premiere of Aquaman has caused mixed reactions between users of the network.

In the recording, the actor observes a Hawaiian dance show in the company of his little ones.

In a moment of the video, Momoa, who seems hypnotized by the dance, is seen touching her daughter Lola Lolani’s breasts.

The camera focuses when the actor moves his hand slightly. All of a sudden, the youngest seems to react somewhat annoyed by physical contact.

Immediately, opinions on Momoa’s behavior filled the comments section of the video on YouTube.

Some have considered that, with or without intention, Momoa “should not touch her daughter that way”.

“The expression of discomfort is evident,” said a netizen.

While others have criticized the reaction of critics and the wrong interpretation.

“I do not see anything inappropriate in this video, just a show of affection.” The child removes his father’s hand to say something in his ear, probably related to the “haka” dance that later dances with his father. if he was harassed, he would not accompany his father in the ritual dance with the press, “another user said.


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