Jang Do-yeon’s egg frozen → Kim Jun-ho ♥ Kim Ji-min and Kim Ji-min confession of the crisis… Dolls for Men 2049 Tuesday Entertainment Ranking 1st

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SBS ‘Shoes Off, Stones for Men’, which Hong Seok-cheon and Jang Do-yeon appeared as guests, maintained a solid ‘2049 viewership rating’, proving that it was a powerhouse in Tuesday night’s entertainment.

According to Nielsen Korea, ‘Shoes Off, Dolls for Men’, which aired on the 28th, ranked first among the entertainment programs aired on that day with a 2049 target audience rating of 1.8%, which is a hot topic competitiveness index. The household ratings rose significantly from last week, taking the first place in the same time period at 6.9% (based on the metropolitan area).

On this day’s broadcast, Hong Seok-cheon introduced himself as a rookie singer ‘TOP G’ from the beginning and announced the release of a new song. He said, “I often watch ‘Dolls for Men’, but no one has my style. You have to have a taste for it,” and overcame ‘Dol Sing for Man’. Then, he revealed his unique ‘touch’. Hong Seok-cheon said, “Recently, Hwang In-yeop said that he would do well. He has the face of Lee Joon-gi.” In fact, Hwang In-yup is currently playing the role of the male lead ‘Gongchan’ in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Why Oh Soo-jae’. In addition, he also advised Kim Woo-bin to act, proving his unique eye.

In addition, Hong Seok-cheon surprised everyone by revealing, “About 9 years ago, I witnessed Jang Do-yeon’s date scene.” Jang Do-yeon, who appeared together, said, “We just ran into each other at a large shopping mall. She was not a celebrity, she was an ordinary person.” Kim Jun-ho certified, “Jang Do-yeon was very popular among comedians.” She revealed that Jang Do-yeon said she “had received a dash a few times in the past”.

On this day’s broadcast, they had a ‘secret story of biting their tails’ in which they shared their secret stories. Jang Do-yeon confessed, “It’s a story only close friends know, but I recently frozen an egg.” However, to Lee Sang-min’s question, “Is there a man to open in the freezer?”, Jang Do-yeon replied, “No,” but “last year was my last relationship.”

Hong Seok-cheon confessed that he had liked a woman only once in the past. Hong Seok-cheon said, “Since I was young, I thought I was different from other people, but I wanted to overcome this, so I thought I had to meet a girlfriend like other friends.” He said, “I was from Gyeongsang-do, but it was the first time I ever saw him using a dialect. He was so pretty, so I confessed in a letter to another man. He said he had friends.” When Jun-ho Kim asked, “I wish she hadn’t missed that woman,” Hong Seok-cheon replied, “Maybe there may not be a top gay”, causing laughter.

Kim Jun-ho shared an episode in which he almost broke up with his girlfriend Kim Ji-min. Kim Jun-ho said, “I lied and played golf and drank on Jeju Island for three days, and then I got really scolded.” When the members asked, “Did you get down on your knees?”, Kim Jun-ho said, “I knelt playfully,” causing laughter.

Lee Sang-min told the story of a ‘big girl’ he had met in the past. Lee Sang-min said, “I don’t know if you remember, but there was a person I liked before. She borrowed money to buy a course because I didn’t have 540,000 won, and I met that woman again last year.” Is in your heart?” Lee Sang-min answered vaguely, “The memory of that day is in my heart.” When Tak Jae-hoon asked again, “Did you not forget her?” Lee Sang-min replied, “I can really buy her snow crab with my own money, but it’s a pity that she isn’t by my side.”

‘Take off your shoes and do things for men’ airs every Tuesday at 11:10 pm.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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