Jan of the bear – Sophie Wilhelm

Jan of the bear – Sophie Wilhelm

Storytelling solo with drum and fur coat Jan is not like the others: his mother is a woman, his father is a bear. Unwelcome, too hairy, but very strong, he is not afraid, ever. With his bag on his back, his cane of forty quintals, he goes to discover the world. River of tar, liquid sky, old castle, hideous monsters, princess to free: Jan of the bear must overcome many trials! A breathtaking adventure, carried out at full speed, in music and in movement. “It is the life force of this hero, his freedom, the balance between animal and human that touched me to the point of proposing my version of the wonderful tale Jean de l’ours.” SW. — A show by Sophie Wilhelm. Musical advice and outside view: Morgane Klein. Scenography and costumes: Florie Bel. Lighting: Sylvain Séchet. General management: Sébastien Chatron. In charge of dissemination: Ambre Nélis. — Support: Grand Est Region Departmental Council of the Meuse Committee of the Pays de Nied. CIM Bar-le-Duc. Vaucluse Education League. — Compagnie Les Mots du Vent: “The story in all its states”

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