Jan Jambon judges that Annelies Verlinden’s ministerial decree on nightclubs is botched: “If the rule includes a backdoor, it only makes sense to use it”

Nightclub operators – like Red & Blue in Antwerp – circumvented the ban on opening before October 1 by organizing private events accessible by invitation.

For Jan Jambon, “if the rule has a back door, it is only logical to use it”, he said in the morning show “Wakker op Zondag” of the Antwerp television channel ATV.

But for Ms. Verlinden, Mr. Jambon was very present during the drafting of the ministerial decree. The head of the Flemish government qualifies. “There is the consultation committee, a report is made, we have negotiated well, then the Minister of the Interior gets to work to put everything in place. She sends the project – we had two hours to react to it. times – we give our comments and then she does what she wants with those comments. There is no more consultation. Comments on the events in the room, on the fact that the text was formulated in a too vague way and that ‘there were loopholes, we gave them away but they weren’t taken into account. “


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