Jagr trains with the team. Friday’s start in the extraleague did not rule out

Knights of Kladno

“How’s my health? Normally, I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know if I’ll play or I won’t, I really don’t know. I’ve been to (Professor) Pavel Kolář twice, it’s quiet there. I trained with yesterday team, “Jágr told ČTK today. “It depends more on whether we have enough players, as the others will do,” he added to the question of his Friday start.

His health problems have accumulated in recent years, but the Olympic winner from Nagano does not think they are the result of increasing years. “I don’t even want to answer these questions much, because every body is different. What I will say does not mean that others feel the same way. Of course, age plays a role in that, but differently than people think,” Jagr emphasized.

If I didn’t shake my head, maybe I was in a wheelchair now, says Jaromír Jágr


“I always say – a young person, when he is born, does not have to do anything and will be stronger the next day. An older person, if he does nothing, will, in my opinion, be a little worse, or at the same level as the day before. And that is the only advantage. “It can still be saved by doing more of the older person than the young one. If he has the time,” Jágr remarked.

Jágr has already signed the seventh foreigner, while only six of them can be involved in the match

“From my point of view, when you get hurt, it’s for two reasons. One can be a coincidence, the other is the fact that the player is not ready. In my case, two things have come together for the last time now. Probably if I were stronger and better prepared “So I withstood such an impact. But it was also a coincidence that I was pushed a meter and a half from the mantinel. If it was half a meter, I would automatically put my hands there,” Jágr reminded.

“I think that age is in the last place. But everyone has to figure it out for themselves. I don’t want to advise anyone. Why should I? Everyone has a different body, a different life, different problems … And that I had in those “Has there been any muscle injuries in recent seasons? Everyone has it, it’s just not written about, it’s just like that,” said Jágr, who will celebrate his fiftieth birthday in the coming season.


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