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Ivan Kostov: “We continue the change” lost the trust of its potential partners – Elections 2021

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Ivan Kostov

We continue the change “has lost the confidence of its potential partners with whom it could form a majority government in the next parliament, and their claim to nominate a prime minister and a key minister will not be accepted by others. Who will be given a cabinet mandate depends on whether it will be successful, Bulgarian Prime Minister Ivan Kostov told BTV between 1997 and 2001 and former DSB leader.

According to him, the formation of a successful government will depend not only on the way voters distribute deputies in parliament, but also on the figure that will be elected president. If the next head of state “is against the destruction of the GERB-MRF model, it will be very difficult to form a government, it will be easier if the president is ready to play a very active role to unite those who want to carry out reforms, which the country needs, and especially judicial reform, “Kostov said.

According to the former prime minister and DSB leader, it is now clear that GERB and MRF will not be able to form a majority, so it is important to whom the president will give a mandate to form a government. (The law stipulates that he is obliged to give a mandate to the first and the second political force, and in case of failure he chooses among the others). He reminded that if it is the BSP, “Democratic Bulgaria” is automatically excluded from the configuration, insofar as it has set a condition not to participate with the mandate of the left.

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On this occasion, he warned that “We continue the change” “have greatly lost the trust” of other parties with which they could partner – the “There is such a people”, the BSP, because they have created suspicions that they are using untruths. As such untruths, Kostov listed the case of Kiril Petkov’s dual citizenship, the allegations of violations in the Road Infrastructure Agency, which the state financial inspection has not confirmed, the allegations that they are negotiating with Democratic Bulgaria. “They may be due to a lack of understanding of institutional rules, PR or political goals, but this is not correct in politics,” Kostov concluded.

“There remains only one successful option,” he commented without mentioning it.

Kostov expressed his opinion on all three main contenders for the presidency, giving his preferences to Lozan Panov, supported by Democratic Bulgaria, whom he stressed he did not know. “I know what courage and strength it takes to stand up to the conquered judiciary and try to fight almost alone, to be subjected to the harassment of the prosecutor’s office and the tax authorities. I have experienced it and I know it,” he added.

He questioned the extent to which incumbent President Rumen Radev and his team understand democratic rules and the functioning of democratic institutions, as he reacted to dependencies in the judiciary only after the prosecutor’s office entered his office. “I see that for a long time he tried to be between NATO and Russia and won the distancing of NATO countries and humiliating treatment from Russia,” Kostov said.

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Anastas Gerdjikov, supported by GERB, recounted a memory from the founding of the New Time party, which was personally attended by MRF leader Ahmed Dogan, which was unusual for him. At the establishment, Dogan declared them great and a great hope for democracy, which is why the party received the name “MRF in NMSS”. At the same meeting, Kostov recalls, Gerdjikov was elected to the leadership.

According to Kostov, there is no talk of an economic or price crisis in the country, the allegations were gross propaganda, and the crisis is political and institutional. “The crisis is in the political system – severe, stagnant. The institutions are functioning more and more inadequately, and some are even harming such as the prosecutor’s office, the Commission for Protection of Competition, the Development Bank … This is the crisis, as well as the eliminated public debate. “he summed up.

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