“It’s the best in the region …” At Draguignan skatepark, a community was born

“C’is a very complete installation, on which you can do everything ”, presents Samuel, 21, a scooter in his hands. “Everyone comes to skate and ride, or just to have a good time”, confirms Lou, 20, sitting on a camping chair, which he brings back every time.

The skatepark, located at the western entrance to Draguignan, is unanimous. Young and old alike come here to let off steam, try out the different elements that adorn the track and progress in learning new tricks.

At 17, Maxime is a regular at the place. “I come once or twice a week when I have time”, explains the Dracénois. Same story for Émilie, 15, and her brother, Félix, 12. “We got started a few months ago, but we are progressing quickly. We made lots of friends here, who give us a lot of advice”, she says. As soon as she can, her parents drop her off at the skatepark. They live in Villecroze.

“A community”

“There is a real community that has been created around the park”, assures Maxime. “Every evening, we meet between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. and we slide until the end of the evening.” Because in addition to its many facilities, the Dracénois skatepark has a fountain and night lighting. “So we can stay until midnight, sometimes an hour”, he says.

This temple of slides and bowls is not just a place favored by teenagers and adults. The youngest come there. Virginie, sitting on her camping chair, watches over Gaël, 6, equipped with all the protections and a scooter. “He loves coming here, and then there is never a problem, everyone lives together.”

During this time, the little boy positions a mattress near the bowl, the sliding pool, before embarking on his figures.

“Friends from Marseille recommended it to us”, explains Hugo, 21, who has scouted on an application that lists the best places to board in the world. The young man came from Brignoles with Maxence, 20 years old. “We don’t have a bowl there, so we came to test this”, he indicates. “And frankly, he’s awesome!”

“It’s the best skatepark in the Var”, concludes Maxime, the Dracénois.


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